The company BLICKERT is born from the long experience of its members in the field of plastic moulding of articles of small and medium size. In particular, BLICKERT has a technologically advanced Clean Room for moulding of articles specific for the ophthalmic, medical and cosmetic sectors.

The quality department checks all stages of production, with forms management and control reports. BLICKERT is certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012

The quality control use specific instruments to detect compliance of the pieces following the ISO 9001 and 13485 procedures and also specific requests from customers:

Profile detector

Machine stress-cracking test pieces and sealing

The business activity takes place mainly within the ISO 8 clean room (about 700 square meters.) Divided in specific environments:

1) Clean Room "Hall loading raw material": the raw material does not enter inside the production area of the clean room but is loaded in machines using exhaust fans that draw it from that hall. In this way it eliminates the possibility of introducing in clean room additional dust and polluting material.

2) Clean Room "Moulding 1": used for moulding of plastic parts - there are nr. 4 injection machine from 80 to 110 tons. Example of processed materials: PP, PE.

3) Clean Room "Moulding 2": used for moulding of plastic parts - there are nr. 4 injection machine from 60 to 150 ton presses Example of processed materials: PC, PST, ABS, SBS

4) Clean room "Automatic assembly" used in the assembly of plastic moulded parts in previous departments (contact lens case) - there are nr. 4 machines including assembling and packaging.

5) Clean Room "articles Finish": used as a specific workings on moulded parts including: pad printing, plasma treatment, ultrasonic bonding, assembly and manual finishes

Outside our clean room, to complete our service we have:

6) Department "large moulding sizes": 360 ton injection machine for the moulding of large articles in a controlled environment (ISO 9001 process).

7) Tools department: used for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the moulds used in our production to minimize any restoration times.

8) Design articles and new tools realisation: using trusted external collaborations, we also offer a complete service of design, development and realisation of new articles on customer’s request (design, project and final production tool).

Blickert S.r.l.
Clean room moulding

Registered office: 
Via P. Masciadri, 2H
22066 Mariano Comense (CO)

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22030 Montorfano (CO)


Phone: (+39) 0362-558509
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